Stan Goldberg has been a comic book artist for over 50 years, having started his career (at age 16) in 1949 as a staff colorist for Timely (now known as Marvel) Comics. Two years later, Stan became the color department manager, and colored not just interiors, but also every cover the rest of the decade. In 1958, he went freelance but continued to color all Marvel comics until the mid-1960s. As “Stan G” he was the color designer for all classic Marvel super heroes and villain
s of the 1960’s, including Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and The Hulk.

During the period from 1949 to the late 1960’s, Stan also illustrated horror stories, drew gag cartoons for men’s magazines, created a classic pop art billboard (“No Cal Soda”), and drew such titles for Marvel as Patsy Walker, My Girl Patsy, all the Millie the Model books, and several funny animal books. Being in the early 1960s, Stan started co-plotting Millie adventure stories with Stan Lee, often writing entire plots for Lee.

In 1968, Stan left Marvel to freelance for other companies.  For three years, he drew all the teen titles for DC Comics: Debbie, Scooter, and Binky. Stan also began a long association with Archie Comics, with his work appearing in most of the company’s titles at one time of another. From 1975 until 1980, he also drew the Sunday Arch
ie newspaper strip. In the early 1990s, Stan drew the Riverdale characters for the Archie Meets the Punisher crossover between Archie and Marvel.

Stan’s other freelance work over the past 20 years has included penciling Captain Carrot for DC, drawing children's story and activity books for various publishers, illustrating various greeting cards, and doing magazine illustrations for National Lampoon, Child, Redbook, Seventeen, Ms., Working Woman, and many others.


Stan reflects on his Marvel work: “Those early days were exciting times. Little did we know we were producing heroes and villains that would become the superstars of the industry. I look back on that time and find myself very fortunate to have been involved.”

Recently, in 2010, Schoolism Online released a “Stan Goldberg” instructional video. In this 93 minute video, Stan talks about his early career in the Golden and Silver Age of Comics, how his career progressed and what helped him achieve his goals.

Also in 2010, IDW Publishing released “The Best of Stan Goldberg” featuring Stan’s 40+ years working for Archie comics. This book coincided with Stan’s last big job with Archie comics, “Archie Marries,” issues 600 to 605. This was a groundbreaking series that became one of the hottest comic series of the year.  

Today, Stan is taking on new challenges, including those that honor his incredible career. Just this past February, in celebration of 50 years of the Fantastic Four Marvel went back to their roots and asked Stan to illustrate Marvel’s much talked about variant cover for FF #1. Stan was the original colorist for Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. 

More recently, Stan has just finished illustrating two upcoming comic books, The Simpsons for Bongo comics and Scooby Doo for DC.

There will be many other surprises in 2011, so keep checking for updates.